GolfSuites Tulsa, LLC Evicted from Riverwalk Crossing

Riverwalk parts ways with GolfSuites.

April 23, 2024

Today (April 23, 2024), the District Court for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation issued an order of eviction against GolfSuites Tulsa, LLC (GolfSuites) for breaching its lease agreement with the Riverwalk Crossing commercial property in Jenks. Riverwalk Crossing is owned by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Onefire Holding Company, LLC (Onefire), a business enterprise of the Nation, is the landlord for the property.

GolfSuites has operated at Riverwalk Crossing since 2019. Beginning in December 2022, Onefire made efforts to work with GolfSuites to maintain their tenancy, but ultimately, their inability to fulfill their lease obligations left Onefire with no option but to pursue eviction. In November 2023, due to GolfSuites’ noncompliance with the lease terms, Onefire was compelled to file a lawsuit in the Nation’s District Court seeking to recover possession of the leased property and fulfillment of outstanding financial obligations.

Onefire Interim CEO Debbie Severson said, “We value the relationships we have with our tenants at Riverwalk Crossing, and the economic contributions they bring to the local community are significant. However, Onefire also has a responsibility to the Nation and its Citizens to uphold sound business practices and principles in our management of Riverwalk Crossing.”

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