Q&A with Happy Playgrounds’ Kelli Collins

Jenks Riverwalk playground, designed by Happy Playgrounds

February 28, 2024

How would you describe your design to the public?

The entirety of the playground is built around play-based learning with perceived risk. We came up with a design that focuses on the natural world that surrounds us, in particularly the Riverwalk, as well as the Native American culture that is beautiful, educational, and inspiring.

At the Riverwalk, we have the Arkansas River, an eagle’s nest, trees, and natural foliage. So, we are incorporating blue turf to mimic the river. We have the 6’5” Home Tree, which simulates the Eagles Nest, and we have play pieces that are historically significant to our Native American culture.

What is your favorite aspect of this playground project?

Daniel’s favorite part of this playground is the climbing area in the middle – We created this unique area by combining carefully designed physical challenges with imaginative play and nature inspired play sculptures that are authentic down to the smallest detail. Kelli’s favorite is the Mighty Descent Slide – A daring new play experience from our team at Playworld. Truly the largest rotomolded slide in the world. Multiple children and/or adults can enjoy sliding on the 8 feet, 600 lb extra-wide slide!

What experience can guests expect when they use the playground? What makes Happy Playgrounds unique?

This is not a neighborhood playground. It is a destination! The aesthetics alone, combined with the variety of textures and play pieces will attract and inspire the community. Because playgrounds are the most fun when they are enjoyed with friends and family, this will be a place to build and foster relationships. It will be a place for children to challenge themselves and most importantly, it will be a place for families to gather and spend time outside together!

What makes Happy Playgrounds unique is our prompt and professional service, our attention to detail, and our customer service attitude. We want our clients to love their playgrounds, be happy they chose us to work with, and always return to us with future work. This won’t happen if we don’t deliver quality products and service!

The Riverwalk, owned by the Muscogee Nation, is working on adding cultural experience to the property for guests to enjoy/experience (e.g. nature telescopes, murals, etc.). How do you feel this project contributes to that initiative?

There is so much history to be learned from our Native American brothers and sisters, and we are grateful to be a part of the Riverwalk’s initiative. As a Native American owned company, we value the opportunity to provide meaningful cultural elements to our playgrounds. This playground will offer a variety of pieces that are culturally significant: water, canoes, and animals. We are so excited about this play space and cannot wait for the community to enjoy it!

Learn more about Happy Playgrounds at happyplaygrounds.com

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